Time lapse photography

Dynamic Perception Carbon-Fiber Rails for Stage One

We will be shipping the Stage One slider with carbon rails as of now. We do have the classic rails available for customers who prefer aluminum. Please read the original announcement from Dynamic Perception about these new, ligher, rails:

Introducing the Dynamic Perception VX1 Rotary Motion Blocks

Dynamic Perception has announced their upcoming VX1 motion blocks. These blocks can be used to create creative motion control solutions. We at ElysiaVisuals.com will have these blocks available in our store as soon as they are available for the market. Here is the original announcement:

Dynamic Perception D-Pod Multi-function Legs and Micro Tripod

Dynamic Perception has announced their long awaited Multi-function Legs and Micro Tripod today. These mini tripods will be available in a few weeks from the writing of this blog.  These tripods will be available from ElysiaVisuals.com; your official Dynamic Perception distributor. Please read the official announcement below:

What's happening with the Elysia Visuals timelapse controller

We announced the development and possible availability of our timelapse controller a while ago. Many of you have asked us what the current status is. The first prototype is behind us and we decided to totally redesign the controller. Many hardware and software bugs were ironed out in order to provide a stable controller that works well with both Nikon and Canon camera's. We do support USB control of the most popular camera's and we will add USB support for other camera's in the near future.

Dynamic Perception Graffik is in public Beta

We are happy to announce that the Dynamic Perception Graffik Motion Control has reached a public Beta phase. This is the official announcement as made by Dynamic Perception.

Dynamic Perception Graffik motion control software is available

Today we have great news! Dynamic Perception has made the long awaited Graffik software available on Github. This software can control 32 nanoMoco enabled stepper motors per USB bus. This will allow you to create the most complex multi-axis movements that you need. The software supports both real-time motion control and shoot-move-shoot timelapse photography.

This screen shows the Film Workflow screen, note it's a multi-track style editor which will allow for controlling any kind of MoCoBus-enabled device on the timeline.

Time-lapse Motion Control with Dynamic Perception - Demo Reel 1

This video clearly shows the possibilities of timelapse combined with motion control. The equipment that is used can be found in our online store.

Dynamic Perception AT2 controller announced

Dynamic Perception had launched their AT2 Motion Controller. The controller is in stock at ElysiaVisuals and available as of now.

The AT2 Motion Controller is designed to provide real-time control over two DC Motor Axes primarily for live video work, or for certain simple continuous motion time-lapse setups where an external intervalometer is used.

First test results of the ElysiaVisuals exposure ramper / timelapse controller

Here is the first test result of our upcoming timelapse controller. We did a ramping test where the camera is fully controlled via USB. This means that the camera is set to Manual by the controller. ISO and shutter speeds are also set by the controller. No manual intervention was needed. You just need to set the correct runtime parameters on the controller and you are good to go. The controller has a simulation mode which gives you very detailed information about the sequence that it will create. That way you can easily plan your timelapse sequence in advance.

How to charge the Dynamic Perception Portable 2700 mAh Battery Pack

We get a lot of questions from our customers about how the charge the Dynamic Perception 2700 mAh Portable Battery Pack. The Portable Power 2700mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack provides enough juice to run your Stage Zero Dolly for about 10 hours, while being small/light enough to fit in your pocket! Comes with everything you need to start using it with the Stage Zero or MX2, no additional parts required.