ElysiaVisuals RamperPro2 Kit

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Create advanced timelapse movies with the ElysiaVisuals RamperPro camera controller. This is the most advanced and capable timelapse controller in the world. The RamperPro can truly deliver full automatic ramping. This is done by using an external light sensor and by analyzing the jpeg images that are taken by your camera! That way you cannot under or over exposure your images since the actual images of your camera are analyzed during a ramping shoot.

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The RamperPro is the most advanced timelapse controller in the world. It is the first controller that supports exposure (bulb) ramping with Nikon camera's (and Canon). The controller features USB control for both Nikon and Canon camera's. It can interface with all current motion control hardware and it has an intuitive touch screen interface. The RamperPro can control two camera's at the same time and it can be interfaced with two motion control rigs at the same time. You can even create advanced stereoscopic exposure ramping sequences because the controller can synchronize two camera's.

You are not limited to bulb mode only, like all other bulb ramping solutions, when you are making an exposure ramping timelapse. The RamperPro can easily cover 20 stops during a sunset shoot because the controller can automatically use all shutter speeds of your camera and because it can automatically shift the ISO value of your camera. This really gives you the ability to create a time lapse from broad day light to stars.

The RamperPro Professional Kit is provided with an advanced external digital light sensor that you can place on the hot shoe of your camera. This sensor can measure the trend in ambient light. This results in fully automatic exposure ramping sequences; it has never been so easy to create a time lapse of  a sun rise or a sun set.

The RamperPro now offers support for advanced day->night->day shoots.

The housing of the RamperPRo is finished with a soft-feel coating.


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