eMotimo has stopped the production of the TB3

eMotimo as accounced that they have stopped producing the very popular TB3. This is the original announcement:

We’ve stopped producing TB3s and the ones we have in stock are running out quickly. It has been an incredible product but it’s time for us to focus our energies on something new. Before we talk about what happens next, we’d like to talk about where the TB3 has been and what made it successful enough to disrupt an industry.

eMotimo TB3 3-axis solution – Kessler Motor Pod

You can now control your Kessler dolly with the eMotimo TB3 black. That way you can create a 3-axis motion control kit that is controlled with the TB3 pan and tilt head.

Learn how to use the eMotimo TB3 with motorized Kessler dollies in this video tutorial. We will walk you through the mechanical setup as well as how to program your TB3 with this dolly. Setup 3-axis shots in just minutes!

Is the eMotimo Stepper Motor Pod compatible with the setup I have? Please review the following:

Dragon Frame 3.5 now supports the eMotimo TB3 black out of the box

One big advantage of the eMotimo TB3 black pan and tilt head is its integration with Dragon Frame. Dragon Frame can be used to accomplish complex, but accurate moves by defining key frames on your axis. This was always easy to setup, but the latest 3.5 release really makes life easy. The eMotimo axis are now supported out of the box by Dragon Frame. No more guess work about the optimal settings when you define an axis in Dragon Frame.

How to use an eMotimo TB3 pan and tilt head

eMotimo TB3 quick, basic setup

How to use an eMotimo TB3 together with a Dynamic Perceptions dolly

eMotimo TB3 and Dynamic Perceptions Stage One

3rd-axis: choosing the right motor



How to use the TB3 and the Stage One with Dragon Frame

We have been experimenting with Dragon Frame for a while now. Dragon Frame is a great piece of software that you can use to control stepper motor based motion control hardware. We were particularly interested in using Dragon Frame for complex multi axis moves with the Dynamic Perception Stage One slider combined with the eMotimo TB3 black pan and tilt head.