Minor RamperPro update released. Version 3070

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 We have just released firmware 3070 for all RamperPro models. This firmware contains a few bug fixes and preliminary support for the Nikon D5

Change log

  • Added support for the Nikon D5.
  • Fixed USB triggering for Nikon.
  • Enhanced the easy setup mode. ISO ramping is automatically setup in all possible situations.
  • Show a detailed message when the user has setup the RamperPro manually in expert mode and when ISO ramping values are not entered correct. We don't recommend to use expert mode; this is only for experienced users.
  • Trigger two motion control devices via ext1 and ext2 even when only one camera is connected. This makes it possible to use a slider with its' own controller and a pan/tilt head with its own controller. These two devices are now triggered at the same time by the RamperPro after an image is taken.
  • Fixed a bug where the unit could crash when USB triggering was used and when USB connection with the camera was lost. This can happen when the cameras' battery is empty for example.
  • Enhancement of the sunrise performance.