Dynamic Perception Graffik motion control software is available

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Today we have great news! Dynamic Perception has made the long awaited Graffik software available on Github. This software can control 32 nanoMoco enabled stepper motors per USB bus. This will allow you to create the most complex multi-axis movements that you need. The software supports both real-time motion control and shoot-move-shoot timelapse photography.

This screen shows the Film Workflow screen, note it's a multi-track style editor which will allow for controlling any kind of MoCoBus-enabled device on the timeline.

  • Multi-track style motion editing and equipment control on timeline
  • Real-time control over motion axes using software controls, or the DMC1 joystick controller soon to be released*
  • Plug-ins will allow for 3rd parties to add new functionality to workflow screens
  • One switch flipping between real-time and timelapse in Film Workflow screen
  • Frame-by-frame workflow for stop-motion shooting
  • Super-easy device management
  • Ability to save, and share film workflows with others - no matter what devices they have on their bus
  • Integrated scripting environment
  • Film continues to run to completion, even if Graffik stopped or control interface turned off
  • Other workflows coming later, all integrated in one interface