How to update the RamperPro firmware

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The RamperPro firmware consists of three different parts. The main firmware is the firmware that runs the user interface that you see on the touch screen. This firmware needs to be installed on the SD card that is inserted into the RamperPro. Installing a new main firmware means that all settings and the touch screen calibration are reset.

This video shows how easy it is to upgrade the RamperPro main firmware:

How to upgrade the main firmware of the RamperPro from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

Installing the main firmware is easy because the RamperPro can do that while it is connected to the Internet. The RamperPro can then check for updates and it can install then when desired. Follow the following steps when you want to upgrade the main firmware of the RamperPro:

  • Connect the RamperPro to the Internet via an internet cable. Please use the "Network" connector on the RamperPro and not one of the two MoCoBus connectors
  • Make sure to use a network cable with free access to the internet without the use of a Proxy server. Most connections will work.
  • Navigate to the system menu and press the arrow down button. You now find an option "Update"
  • Select the "Update" button. The screen can stay grey for a while because the RamperPro will now check if updates are available.
  • The RamperPro will now show if an update is available. Press the red line when you want to install a new firmware
  • Reconfirm your choice on the next screen.
  • The RamperPro will now download and install the new firmware. This might take some time if the upgrade needs additional downloads.

The RamperPro will automatically notify you when a new embedded firmware is available. These firmwares are installed on the RamperPro when you follow the above steps for the online update utility. The following video shows you how to upgrade the embedded firmware of the RamperPro.

It has never been so easy to upgrade the internal embedded firmware of the RamperPro. You don't need a PC or Mac to do this because all the required software can now be installed directly by the RamperPro advanced timelapse controller.

RamperPro tutorial - How to install the embedded firmware from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.