How to order at ElysiaVisuals

We get many questions regarding shipping costs and about how to order your equipment at ElysiaVisuals. On this page you can find all the required information that you need. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Do I need to Pay VAT when I order at

Do you live inside the EU, but you don't have a business?

We need to charge VAT to customers who live inside the EU. Please note that you don't pay any additional VAT when we ship your order to any country within the EU. You only pay VAT once.

Do you live inside the EU, but you have a valid business VAT number?

You can order via our website when you have a VAT registered European company. Your VAT number should validate at: You can enter your company name and VAT number during checkout. We will validate if you have entered a valid VAT number. We can cancel orders where a fraudulent VAT number that isn't your property is used.

Do you live in Norway or Switzerland?

  Norway and Switzerland are not part of the EU. This means that we can ship to these countries without charging VAT. We do have experience with shipping to these countries and we will provide all required documentation that you need to clear your order at customs. You can order via the site. Just enter your country during checkout (by entering the shipping address). The final invoice will then be calculated without VAT.

Do you live outside the EU

We don't charge VAT to orders that are shipped outside the EU. But it might be that the country of destination will charge import taxes locally. You can order via the site. Just enter your country during checkout (by entering the shipping address). The final invoice will then be calculated without VAT.

How to order your equipment at ElysiaVisuals

Non business customers

We advice our non business customers to order directly through our on-line store. Our check out process will conveniently guide you through all the steps in order to complete your order. Please check the order confirmation page at the end of the order process before you confirm to go the the payment page.

Information about shipping

We mainly aim at European customers and we have the most economical shippings rates for every European country that we could find for you. We use different companies like UPS and GLS for our shipping. Our shipping rates and the shipping company are dependent on the destination country, weight and size of the items that you order. We always try to find the lowest rate. You can always start the checkout process in our web store to find out how much shipping for your order will be.

The shipping quote on our website provides you with the standard shipping quote. Please contact us if you want to place a large or a non-standard order. That way we can help you with the most economical way to ship your goods.

How can I safely pay for my order

Ordering and paying via the webshop

The last step of the ordering process in our store is the payment step. You can only find one payment method that supports Paypal, Wire Transfer and the Dutch iDeal payment method. Please select the ICEPAY payment method. You can then choose three options:

  • iDeal (for Dutch customers)
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer

Paying when ordering directly of for business customers

Business customers that order directly can pay either by wire transfer of Paypal. We do prefer wire transfer when you order directly from us. All payment details can be found on our invoices.