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New products at ElysiaVisuals.com

Dynamic Perception is working hard to introduce new products in 2013. Some of these great products have reached our on-line store today. We now have the Motor Quick Change System in stock. This system can be used on both the Stage Zero Slider and the Stage One Dolly. The Quick Change System can be used to easily remove or change the motor that is attached to your Dynamic Perception dolly system.

New products from Dynamic Perception

Dynamic Perception is on the move. They just released new products and they will release a lot more exciting products in 2013. All products will, of course, be available in our ElysiaVisuals store. Here is what is happening at Dynamic Perception

The eMotimo TB-3 pan/tilt head is now available at ElysiaVisuals

We are very happy and proud to announce that ElysiaVisuals has become an official eMotimo distributor. The prime product of eMotimo is the TB3 that works with your Digital SLR or video camera to create moving time lapse shots like those that are used heavily in Planet Earth and Frozen Planet. Take a 5 minute shot sequence with fast moving clouds, or a 6 hour shot through the night to see the stars fall across the horizon. You can create the types of shots that previously required equipment costing thousands of Euro's.

The ElysiaVisuals timelapse controller with exposure ramping is under development

I made a promise in the past. I was supposed to blog more about my exposure ramping ideas and upcoming solution. We have been working very hard, behind the scenes, on the development of our own time lapse controller. That is mainly the reason why we haven't blogged more lately; this controller is consuming a lot of our time.

Dynamic Perception Stage One Limit Switch Stops announced

Dynamic Perception had announced Limit Switch Stops that make it possible to easily attach the Dynamic Perception Limit Switch Kit to your Stage One slider. The cart of the Stage One already had mounting holes for the attachment of the multi function (limit) switches, but there were no stoppers available similar to the ones that you can use with the Stage Zero dolly. We fixed this at ElysiaVisuals by providing our own stoppers which are a big version of the ones that you use for the Stage Zero.

How to use the Dynamic Perception MX2 motion controller with a Sony camera

The Dynamic Perception MX2 motion controller is a great controller that controls the motor of you slider and your camera. The MX2 can even control the Merlin 2-axis pan and tilt head that we have available on our site.

Sony camera's are supported by the MX2 motion controller too. We just found out that these camera's don't work out-of-the-box with the MX2. You need to set some settings before your camera can be triggered by the MX2 motion controller.

Dynamic Perception Stage One 21" Fixed-Span Extension Set announced

Stage One Fixed-Span Extension Sets make it easier to go long with the Stage One, and can help with rigging requirements for mid-spans that don't move.

Stage One users probably know that the mid spans can shift a bit. This is fixed with this new Stage ONe 21" FIxed-Span Extension Set. The set holds a "mid span" that is fixed by the extension tubes. These new tubes have a longer threaded part to accomplish this.

Dynamic Perception Stage One User Guide

The Stage One Slider/Dolly is a multi-function camera slider designed for shooting video and timelapse with dSLR cameras, either manually or motorized. With a focus on light-weight, ease of transport, and extensibility, the Stage One is an all-around performer for artists in the field.

This user manual will guide you through the assembly, setup, use, and maintenance of the Stage One slider.

Dynamic Perception - Preview: MUX-4: 4-Way Isolated Camera Multiplexor

Every time lapser sometimes has the need to control multiple camera's at the same time. But how do you control multiple camera's connected to one time lapse controller like the MX2 motion controller or the nanoMoCo boards? Here's a sneak preview of a product coming out in a few weeks.

The MUX-4 is a 4-way multi-purpose multiplexor. Its primary purpose is to split one camera control into 4 safely, and can be daisy-chained into quite a few cameras. However, it can be used to split any two inputs into 4x2.

Key Features:

Dynamic Perception Cart Buddy Shelf for Dollies announced

The cart of the Dynamic Perception Slider sometimes doesn't provide enough room to hold all your gear like the MX2 or a battery. This is especially true when you use a large tripod head or a Merlin pan and tilt head. We at ElysiaVisuals have shipped velcro with our latest Stage One shipments, just to solve this issue. But now Dynamic Perception has announced the ultimate solution to free space on your Stage One slider; the "Cart Buddy Shelf for Dollies"

This is the "official" product description of Dynamic Perception: