What's happening with the Elysia Visuals timelapse controller

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We announced the development and possible availability of our timelapse controller a while ago. Many of you have asked us what the current status is. The first prototype is behind us and we decided to totally redesign the controller. Many hardware and software bugs were ironed out in order to provide a stable controller that works well with both Nikon and Canon camera's. We do support USB control of the most popular camera's and we will add USB support for other camera's in the near future.

The new design adds a lot of additional features to the controller. We will explain these features later when the first prototypes of the new hardware arrive. We are planning the new prototypes to be available in April. These will be the first version of the controller that will be made available to a selective group of users. The first production version of the hardware should be available before the summer.

The picture shows the new user interface that we have been working on. This should explain why we haven't been able to blog more about our progress and why the development of the controller had some delay. The first firmware with basic support for most planned functionality is reaching a beta phase and should be ready when the first hardware reached our R&D lab.

Is that a touch screen that you are looking it? It most probably is :-).