Stage Zero

Dynamic Perception announced the MX3 Motion Controller

How to use an eMotimo TB3 together with a Dynamic Perceptions dolly

eMotimo TB3 and Dynamic Perceptions Stage One

3rd-axis: choosing the right motor



How to use the TB3 and the Stage One with Dragon Frame

We have been experimenting with Dragon Frame for a while now. Dragon Frame is a great piece of software that you can use to control stepper motor based motion control hardware. We were particularly interested in using Dragon Frame for complex multi axis moves with the Dynamic Perception Stage One slider combined with the eMotimo TB3 black pan and tilt head.

New products at

Dynamic Perception is working hard to introduce new products in 2013. Some of these great products have reached our on-line store today. We now have the Motor Quick Change System in stock. This system can be used on both the Stage Zero Slider and the Stage One Dolly. The Quick Change System can be used to easily remove or change the motor that is attached to your Dynamic Perception dolly system.

MX2 motion controller instructie

Deze video laat zien hoe de MX2 motion controller werkt

Stage Zero Assembly Guide

Complete guide to assembling your stage zero timelapse dolly from Dynamic Perception.

Dynamic Perception - Multi-Function Switch Block tutorial

Intro and basic tutorial on the Multi-Function Switch Kit. The switch kit can be used for a variety of uses, in this video we cover using it as a 'limit switch' and as a 'stop motion trigger'.

Dynamic Perception - Introduction to Shoot Move Shoot Mode

This hands-on video shows how to create Shoot Move Shoot (also know as Interleave) time-lapses using the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 DollyEngine.

Link to 'First Time Out' Tutorial: First Time Out With The Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 DollyEngine

First Time Out With The Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 DollyEngine

This hands-on video shows the basics of using the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 DollyEngine.

If you're a new customer or thinking of buying one, you'll want to watch this! Several topics are covered, including using the system for basic video moves and shooting time-lapses using the continuous movement mode. We also introduce the tooth method, a rule of thumb for making time-lapse calculations easy.

Stage Zero Handleiding

De volgende video laat zien hoe de Stage Zero dolly in elkaar gezet moet worden.

Het is niet moeilijk om de apparatuur va Dynamic Perception te gebruiken. De website van Dynamic Perception bevat alle informatie die je nodig hebt om je apparatuur te leren bedienen. De volgende twee video's laten zien hoe je de Stage Zero dolly en de MX2 motion controller kunt gebruiken.