Joel Chat Reviewed the RamperPro

Here is a video review by Joel Chat about the RamperPro. He calls it "My new favorite day to night device".

RamperPro testimonial from Giorgio Litt

Giorgio Litt from http://giorgiolittphotography.com posted a very nice testimonial about the RamperPro on my Facebook page that I really want to share.

Ron Risman from Cameratown.com reviewed the RamperPro time lapse controller

Ron Risman from CameraTown.com did a full review of our RamperPro time lapse controller. This is what he says:

The design of the RamperPro is genius. By actually writing corrective XMP data to compensate for the limitations of a digital SLR it has the ability to shoot at any time of day without being limited to the rather large exposure jumps caused by using one of your cameras auto modes (Av priority, Tv priority, or auto ISO).

Free RamperPro aware Lightroom plug-in for timelapse photographers

We are very happy to present a new, free, fantastic Lightroom plug in-from Jeffrey Friedl. This native Adobe Lightroom plug-in can be used to bulk process time lapse sequences. The plug-in is RamperPro XMP file aware so you can do all required post processing and still enjoy the flicker free output of the RamperPro.

We have been using the Lightroom plug-in for a while now and it has became an extremely fast way to grade the white balance, exposure, vibrance etc. of the RamperPro shot images. You can made fades or offset the exposure of all images.

The new RamperPro firmware 3045 supports the Panasonic GH4 and ND filters

We have just release the latest 3045 firmware for our unrivaled RamperPro time lapse controller. This new firmware now includes full support for the mirror less Panasonic GH4 camera. This is the first non Nikon or Canon camera that can be used with the RamperPro. A big advantage of the GH4 is that is doesn't feature a mechanical shutter. This makes this camera ideal for time lapse photography because there is no shutter wear.

RamperPro tutorial - How to create stunning sunsets with the RamperPro

There are a lot of settings that you can tweak to ramp a sunset with the RamperPro; but there are only 5 settings that you should at least evaluate. All other settings will work right out-of-the-box for you.

RamperPro tutorial - how to create flicker free timelapse movies

RamperPro firmware 3025 is available - La Palma release

Today we released a new major firmware version for our advanced RamperPro timelapse controller. We took the RamperPro to La Palma where we had the ability to really test the unit to the edge of its' capabilities. The results of these tests have resulted to the "La Palma" release of the RamperPro firmware. We have also added many requests from our customers. Please keep sending us feature requests!

The first official RamperPro product images are now online

We are happy to show the first real product images of the RamperPro to you. You can find more of them at the RamperPro product page at: http://www.elysiavisuals.com/content/elysiavisuals-ramper-pro-3d-ramper-usb-timelapse-controller. The only difference with the final product is the finish of the housing. The final version of the housing will have a soft-feel coating. We choose this coating because it makes the RamperPro much easier to hold in your hands.

RamperPro User Manual

Classic ramping solutions worked by using bulb ramping. The camera is set to bulb and the bulb time is accurately controlled by the time lapse controller. This gives a limited use because you cannot use fast shutter speeds or bulb times faster than approximately 0.3 seconds. Classic bulb ramping cannot be done with a Nikon because you cannot achieve any desired bulb speeds because Nikon uses discrete steps in bulb.

Here the RamperPro steps in. You can use any desired shutter speed or any desired bulb speed to create ramping sequences. The camera is automatically controlled via USB by the controller. That makes it possible to automatically shift the ISO during your shoot. The RamperPro can therefore easily ramp over 20 stops from bright day light to stars. We like to talk about exposure ramping and not about bulb ramping because you are not limited to bulb mode when you use the RamperPro.