The first official RamperPro product images are now online

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We are happy to show the first real product images of the RamperPro to you. You can find more of them at the RamperPro product page at: The only difference with the final product is the finish of the housing. The final version of the housing will have a soft-feel coating. We choose this coating because it makes the RamperPro much easier to hold in your hands.

Did you know that the RamperPro features a voltage meter that can measure the voltage on the 12-24 Volt input? We have also added support for the DragonFrame Stop Motion software into the first version of the firmware. You will need an additional adapter to make this work that we will add to our online store soon from now. Did you also know that we have added electronics to fully isolate your valuable camera's when you use two camera's with the RamerPro? This has resulted in three on board power supplies, two hardware pipelines that control your camera and a lot more to support camera's from brands like Nikon and Canon. You can even use a Nikon and Canon camera together with the RamperPro with full USB support. You can even interface with two motion control rigs at the same time when you connect two camera's to the RamperPro. We also added a mini USB port that you can use to power the RamperPro. This is not a port that you can use to wire the RamperPro to your PC, but you can use this connection to power the RamperPro with any battery that features a USB power output.

The RamperPro can update its' own software now. Just connect the unit to the Internet via a network cable and you are good to go. The RamperPro can then check for updates and it can install them automatically. Firmware upgrades will always be free and we are planning to add many features in the future.

Canon support is also (finally) done. We are now officially supporting the 5DmkII and 5DmkIII. More Canon models will follow the next few weeks. We are still on track to ship the first RamperPro advanced timelapse controllers at the end of February! Please keep checking our blog since we still have a few unique features that we will add to the (free) firmware upgrades in the near future.