day to night time lapse

RamperPro support for Sony Alpha A7S, A7R and A7Rii

The upcoming 3058 firmware for the RamperPro will support the fantastic Sony Alpha A7 series. How does it work? Sony made a strange decision with their current camera firmwares. The camera is not storing its' images to the internal SD card as soon as you connect these cameras to a PC/Mac/RamperPro.

Ron Risman from reviewed the RamperPro time lapse controller

Ron Risman from did a full review of our RamperPro time lapse controller. This is what he says:

The design of the RamperPro is genius. By actually writing corrective XMP data to compensate for the limitations of a digital SLR it has the ability to shoot at any time of day without being limited to the rather large exposure jumps caused by using one of your cameras auto modes (Av priority, Tv priority, or auto ISO).

The RamperPro now has a new highly accurate light sensor algorithm

We are very happy to announce a new highly advanced light sensor algorithm for our RamperPro timelapse controller. We already included a few important modifications in the previous firmware; but we were able to improve the firmware even more. The new light sensor firmware is very capable of really following a sunset by combining the new light sensor algorithm and the histogram analysis of the RamperPro.

RamperPro firmware 3025 is available - La Palma release

Today we released a new major firmware version for our advanced RamperPro timelapse controller. We took the RamperPro to La Palma where we had the ability to really test the unit to the edge of its' capabilities. The results of these tests have resulted to the "La Palma" release of the RamperPro firmware. We have also added many requests from our customers. Please keep sending us feature requests!

RamperPro 20 stops test - from sun to stars

For many the holy grain of time lapse photography is a perfect sunset or a perfect sunrise. Shoots like this are originally called bulb ramping, but we like to call it exposure ramping. The reason for this is because the RamperPro can both support normal shutter speeds of your camera or it can use the bulb mode. All supported Nikon camera's are switched to bulb automatically, on Canon camera's the RamperPro will notify you when you need to switch your camera to bulb mode.

RamperPro automatic ramping with histogram analysis

We are very excited to announce that ElysiaVisuals can now deliver true full automatic ramping without the chance of over or under exposing your images. This is still an experimental feature of the RamperPro, but we will include it in the firmware of the first units that we will ship on the nth of March.

The ElysiaVisuals RamperPro time lapse controller

The history of the ElysiaVisuals RamperPro time lapse controller started in 2011. The general consensus at that time was that it is not possible to make good sunset time lapse movie with a Nikon camera. These movies are made by ramping the exposure time of the camera. Its getting darker but the exposure is made longer in small steps which results day to night transitions. The same is true the other way around for sun rises. Classic ramping solutions worked by using bulb ramping. The camera is set to bulb and the bulb time is accurately controlled by the time lapse controller. This gives a limited use because you cannot use fast shutter speeds or bulb times faster than approximately 0.3 seconds. Classic bulb ramping cannot be done with a Nikon because you cannot achieve any desired bulb speeds because Nikon uses discrete steps in bulb.

Here the RamperPro steps in. You can use any desired shutter speed or any desired bulb speed to create ramping sequences. The camera is automatically controlled via USB by the controller. That makes it possible to automatically shift the ISO during your shoot. The RamperPro can therefore easily ramp over 20 stops from bright day light to stars. We like to talk about exposure ramping and not about bulb ramping because you are not limited to bulb mode when you use the RamperPro.

First test results of the new ElysiaVisuals exposure ramper

We have been too quiet about our exciting time lapse controller that we have been developing here at We are very close to releasing the first units to beta testers. It has taken us so long because we want to be sure that the unit works as designed. We have also modified the interface. The controller is totally without any buttons because we have added a 2.8" full color touch screen. We believe that this is the very first dedicated time lapse controller in the industry that uses a touch screen interface.

What's happening with the Elysia Visuals timelapse controller

We announced the development and possible availability of our timelapse controller a while ago. Many of you have asked us what the current status is. The first prototype is behind us and we decided to totally redesign the controller. Many hardware and software bugs were ironed out in order to provide a stable controller that works well with both Nikon and Canon camera's. We do support USB control of the most popular camera's and we will add USB support for other camera's in the near future.

First test results of the ElysiaVisuals exposure ramper / timelapse controller

Here is the first test result of our upcoming timelapse controller. We did a ramping test where the camera is fully controlled via USB. This means that the camera is set to Manual by the controller. ISO and shutter speeds are also set by the controller. No manual intervention was needed. You just need to set the correct runtime parameters on the controller and you are good to go. The controller has a simulation mode which gives you very detailed information about the sequence that it will create. That way you can easily plan your timelapse sequence in advance.