Ron Risman from reviewed the RamperPro time lapse controller

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Ron Risman from did a full review of our RamperPro time lapse controller. This is what he says:

The design of the RamperPro is genius. By actually writing corrective XMP data to compensate for the limitations of a digital SLR it has the ability to shoot at any time of day without being limited to the rather large exposure jumps caused by using one of your cameras auto modes (Av priority, Tv priority, or auto ISO).

Since the RamperPro doesn't have to put your camera into bulb mode to ramp a sunset or sunrise, the RamperPro uses the term ''exposure ramping' instead of bulb ramping. Exposure ramping allows you to start your sunset timelapse at any time of day instead of having to use ND filters or to wait until the camera's shutter speed reaches a rather slow 1/30th of a second (20-30 min. before sunset)

The RamperPro can also analyze the histogram of each image - a first!. The reading of the histogram allows the RamperPro to protect your timelapses from over or under exposure when unexpected conditions arise (snow on the ground, sun aiming directly into the lens, etc.)

The RamperPro includes an external light sensor that can be attached to your camera via the hot-shoe or can be mounted externally, which comes in handy when you're shooting indoors but want to expose for outdoors. In this case you can place the light meter against a window so that it tracks the external light and not the indoor light.

The RamperPro can also control two cameras simultaneously - each with different settings if you choose. This is great for those wanting to capture two ramping timelapses but with different settings (one with default settings and one with more agressive 'test' settings) or to capture panorama timelapses or stereo timelapses for 3D applications.

The full review can be found here:

This review was done with a 2 year old firmware. The current version now supports ND filters and an even more advanced sunset algorithm. Please don't use the setup as described in the review. The new RamperPro firmware now works totally different with a much more advanced algorithm and supprort for a WiFI App.