Specifications and supported cameras

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Supported cameras

Here is a list of the cameras that are currently supported by the RamperPro. Don't worry if your camera is not listed.  We can easily add new camera's in future versions of the firmware. Please contact us if your camera of choice is not on the list below.


  • D2X
  • D2Xs
  • D3
  • D4
  • D4s
  • D3S
  • D80
  • D200
  • D300
  • D300S
  • D500
  • D600
  • D610
  • D700
  • D750
  • D800
  • D800E
  • D810
  • D850
  • D5000
  • D5100
  • D5200
  • D7000
  • D7100
  • D7200


  • 1DC
  • 1DX
  • 1DXmkII
  • 1DmkIV
  • 5DmkII
  • 5DmkIII
  • 5DmkIV
  • 5DS
  • 5DS R
  • 6D
  • 6DII
  • 7D
  • 7DII
  • 30D
  • 40D
  • 50D
  • 60D
  • 70D
  • 80D
  • 100D
  • 500D
  • 550D
  • 600D
  • 700D
  • T2i
  • T3
  • T3i


  • Panasonic GH4 (firmware 2.0 or higher)


  • Sony Alpha α7
  • Sony Alpha α7r
  • Sony Alpha α7r II
  • Sony Alpha α7r III
  • Sony Alpha α7s
  • Sony Alpha α7s II

Note: Not all Canon cameras can be set to Bulb mode via USB. This means that you sometimes need to set your camera to Bulb mode yourself. The RamperPro will notify you with message when you need to set your camera to Bulb. Nikon cameras don't have this drawback because they can be fully controlled via USB.

RamperPro features

  • True automatic exposure ramping of sunsets or sunrises. This is done by analyzing the images that are taken by your camera.
  • Purpose designed dedicated hardware
  • Highly portable, fits in your pocket
  • 2.8" Touch screen interface
  • Dimmable backlight. Backlight will turn of fully in screen saver mode
  • All status leds can be shut off to prevent any light pollution
  • Dual camera support via a dual fully independent hardware pipelines
  • Two USB2 connections
  • Bulb exposure time measurement via two fully isolated power supplies
  • Optically isolated camera triggering
  • An external digital light sensor can be added to create a highly accurate fully automatic exposure ramper
  • All connections are electronically protected
  • Synchronized 3D mode
  • Image preview function with histogram
  • Exposure ramping mode with ISO shifting
  • Basic intervalometer
  • Automatic ramping mode
  • Interval fairing
  • XMP support for Adable After Effects and Corel Aftershots Pro
  • Direct integration with Dynamic Perception MX2 and MX3, eMotimo TB3 black and many other motion control solutions
  • Integrates out-of-the-box with DragonFrame stop motion software with the help of our DragonFrame adapter
  • Two MoCoBus connections. Can both act as bus master or slave
  • Built in accelerometer, the device is your joystick
  • nanoMoCo or NMx motion controller
  • 5V input when no MoCoBus enabled hardware is connected
  • 12-24V input when MoCoBus enabled hardware is connected
  • Built-in voltage meter that can monitor your battery power. A future version of the firmware will include an auto shutdown mode.