Rhino Slider Pro is now in stock at ElysiaVisuals.com

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We are very happy to mention that the Rhino Slider Pro is now in stock in our online store. This slider can be combined with the TB3 black which gives you a perfect, affordable, 3-axis motion control system.

The Rhino 4ft slider Pro consists of solid stainless steel which rails are machined down to micron precision to provide the smoothest, most reliable motion of any camera slider. Riding on 6 wheels, packed with 12 high performance bearings, the carriage evenly distributes the weight of your camera setup.

The Rhino Slider Pro was built to meet the high demands of the modern filmmaker. Designed to move anything from an iPhone or DSLR to a fully loaded RED Epic, it easily becomes the most important camera accessory in your arsenal.

At the heart of the Rhino Slider system is the ability to swap out rails as needed. This allows you to configure your camera slider depending on the type and location of your shoot. Use the Pro rails for off-the-ground tripod shots when you’re using a heavy setup, or switch to Carbon rails when you’re filming a mini doc in the mountains.

Rather than having to invest in two camera sliders for different purposes, you can transform your Rhino Slider using the optional rails.