RamperPro2 announcement

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We have replaced the RamperPro2 by the RamperPro3. The RamperPro3 offers the same greate performance, but we have added WiFi and Bluetooth. Click here to find out more about the RamperPro3.

We are very proud to announce the second iteration of the most professional time lapse controller on the market: the RamperPro2. The RamperPro is being used by many professionals and broadcast companies all over the world. The new RamperPro2 will push the boundaries even further.

What has been changed in the RamperPro2

The new RamperPro2 had been changed from a hardware perspective. This are the most important improvements:

  • 6x Faster hardware. This will greatly benefit the image analysis capabilities of the controller
  • Lower power consumption
  • 4 x USB ports. You can now control 2 cameras via USB and still connect the RamperPro to motion control hardware like the Kessler Second Shooter
  • MicroSD slot. This slot has a spring. Just press the microSD card to get it out of the unit.
  • 1GB of RAM (double the amount of the original RamperPro)

Both the RamperPro2 and RamperPro1 will run the same software. We will fully continue to support existing RamperPro shooters by releasing new evolutions of the firmware.

All new orders will include the new RamperPro2.