The RamperPro now supports the Nikon D810

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You can now combine the best to both worlds. The stunning Nikon D810 is now officially supported by the best timelapse controller on the market, the RamperPro by ElysiaVisuals.

The RamperPro can be used to fully control your D810 (and all other supported cameras) to produce creative timelapse movies of sunsets and sunrises. The RamperPro will control the camera via USB and it will make sure that the exposure of each and every image is in line with the changing ambient light conditions during a sunset and sunrise. This way you can easily exposure, or bulb, ramp over 21 stops. The new D810 enabled RamperPro firmware now supports automatic sunrise ramping. Just set it and forget it; the RamperPro will do the work for you. The results are flicker free timelapse movies that come straight out of your favorite Adobe software like Lightroom, Adobe Bridge or After Effects.

Here you can find a short movie that shows the capabilities of the RamperPro during a 16 stops sunset and a 21 stops sunrise. You can now make the same timelapse movies with the Nikon D810.

RamperPro sunset to Milky Way and 21 stops stars to day demo from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.