RamperPro firmware 3060 is available - Florida Release

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We just released the biggest and most important RamperPro firmware update that we have ever created. This is version 2.0 (aka 3060). The new firmware brings App (via WiFi) support and a very easy fully automatic ramping mode. You now only have to set the start exposure (that you can validate on the touch screen of the RamperPro or via the App) and the interval. We are very proud that nobody is left behind. The new features are available for all RamperPro owners, regardless of the hardware revision that you are using.

What is new in this new firmware:

  • App support! You can now remotely follow the progress of your shoot via your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Please check this page about how to use this feature on the RamperPro1, RamperPro2 or RamperPRo3.
  • We have added a totally revamped, new, ramping algorithm. The RamperPro will now also evaluate the overall brightness of your images. This eliminates the need to setup the more complex settings that were available in previous releases. These parameters are still there for experienced RamperPro users.
  • The interval is now setup in seconds or part of a second. You can now setup sub zero intervals in easy (non ramping) mode. This means that an interval of 5 seconds is now setup as 5 and not as 00:00:05. But a value of 5.5 is now also possible.
  • Sub 1 second intervals in the normal intervalometer mode. You can now trigger your camera for example every 0.7 seconds.
  • Daisy chain multiple RamperPros if you need support for more than 2 cameras. A unique feature of the RamperPro is that it can control 2 cameras at the same time. But you can now use multiple RamperPros as the same time. Daisy chain your RamperPros via the MoCoBus and you can use as many cameras as you need. This has been used for high profile 360 degrees shoots with 5 cameras and 3 RamperPros.
  • A start timer. Set the time at which you want to start your shoot. You can now stay in bed because the RamperPro will start to shoot your sunrise at the desired starting time.
  • Fixed many minor issues.

For those who missed it. This shows how easy it is to update your RamperPro via Internet.

Here is a preview of the App that will run on any modern browser: