RamperPro automatic ramping with histogram analysis

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We are very excited to announce that ElysiaVisuals can now deliver true full automatic ramping without the chance of over or under exposing your images. This is still an experimental feature of the RamperPro, but we will include it in the firmware of the first units that we will ship on the nth of March.

The RamperPro uses an external light sensor that is used to determine the trend in the ambient light. That way the RamperPro can detect if you are shooting a sunset or a sunrise. The light sensor measures the trend in light in minutes per stop. This means that the RamperPro will automatically start ramping during a sunset. The minutes per stop is large (40 minutes) 30 minutes before a sunset and around 10 minutes during the actual sunset. This is very accurately measured by the RamperPro and used in the ramping algorithm.

We now have added a unique feature that has never been available on a hand-held time lapse controller. The RamperPro can download the actual jpeg images that are shot by the camera. This also works when your camera is set in raw + jpeg. The downloaded jpeg images are then analyzed by the RamperPro. The resulting histogram is also used by the ramping software. This way you can never have over exposed images when you are shooting a sunset. The histogram analysis software acts as a hand break when you are accidentally ramping too fast or when the defined end exposure is too bright. 

Here you see our latest test where we have both combined our advanced digital light sensor and the brand new image analysis software of the RamperPro. The variable ramping speed was measured by the light sensor. We did set an end exposure of ISO 1600 and 15 seconds, but the RamperPro automatically stopped ramping at 2.4 seconds because then the histogram indicated the correct end exposure of the shoot. You only need to set the start ISO and start shutter speed, but that is easy with the RamperPro's preview mode. You can see both the preview images and histogram on the touch screen of the controller.

RamperPro test with automatic histogram analysis from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.