Minor RamperPro update released. Version 3062

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RamperPro firmware 3062 has been released. You can now setup the WIFi name of your RamperPro and a few issues are solved. What is included:

  • New version of the App. This solves a few minor issues when you use it with two cameras
  • A popup now tells you when you can or cannot use the new auto stop feature. This popup shows up when you enable this feature
  • A WIFi setup screen which can be found in the system menu. A popup on the RamperPro1 and RamperPro2 will tell you which USB dongle to use when you enable WiFi on these models
  • Better setup in expert mode. The same defaults are now set as in non expert mode when you enable to auto exposure and the automatic setup of the light sensor
  • A warning popup when you disable ramping mode and enable the normal intervalometer timelapse engine
  • Fixes a few issues when multiple cameras are used
  • The startup splash screen now shows the version of the RamperPro hardware.

This new firmware is, als always, available for all revisions of the RamperPro.