It's Alive - the ElysiaVisuals timelapse controller

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Christmas started early for ElysiaVisuals. We finally received the first 20 boards for our timelapse controller. We mentioned it a lot of Facebook and forums for a year now, but there still wasn't any hardware to show.

So, here it is. This is still a prototype and we do have some nice ideas for the final version. The current firmware is working as I mentioned a few days ago. We might change the display although this one seems to work fine. The display is positioned a bit high on this version because we can easily swap it out. The position of the buttons is also not perfect and that will be changed too. The final assembly will be less thick so make it even more portable.

EDIT: We have decided that this board will only act as a reference board. We will use it within a small group of beta testers and for the development of the software. We will create a dramatically different board after this one that is much more suitable for a bigger audience.

The first tests have shown that everything is working as we designed it to be. The display fired up immediately when we powered up the board. Now it is really time to go out in the field and test our controller in the field.