Here is a sneak preview of the next RamperPro firmware

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We are very close to the release of the next firmware release for our RamperPro time lapse controller. The RamperPro was already the most advanced controller available but the new firmware will push the limits even further. Here are two features that will be included too (besides the real new functionality that we will announce later).

This new firmware will include a way better way to overcome a lost USB connection. Most lost USB connections are because the USB plug on the camera side is moved. This is especially true when you move the camera on a motion control rig. We therefore recommend to secure your USB cable with a Velcro strap.

Another improved feature is how to calibrate the RamperPro touch screen. It might happen that the calibration is incorrect when the user make a mistake during calibration. It's now very easy to fix this. Just press the touch screen for 20 seconds and you can recalibrate the touch screen again.

The new firmware with two major new features is planned to be released within two weeks from the publication date of this blog post.

Introduction to how to calibrate the RamperPro touch screen from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

RamperPro new lost USB behavior available in firmware 3058 and up from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.