First test results of the new ElysiaVisuals exposure ramper

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We have been too quiet about our exciting time lapse controller that we have been developing here at We are very close to releasing the first units to beta testers. It has taken us so long because we want to be sure that the unit works as designed. We have also modified the interface. The controller is totally without any buttons because we have added a 2.8" full color touch screen. We believe that this is the very first dedicated time lapse controller in the industry that uses a touch screen interface.

The controller has full USB support for all supported camera's. That way we can control shutter speed, ISO and all other settings that we need to control to create the most sophisticated time lapse controller in the world. The current firmware supports the combination of both normal shutter speeds and bulb speeds. That makes is possible to create an exposure ramper that supports a dynamic range of about 20 stops! There is no need to use ND filters because you are not limited to bulb speeds only like all other rampers on the market.

There are many exciting other specifications that we will blog about in the next few weeks. It has been quiet, but we are ready to share our unit to the time lapse community.

Here is a preview of last nights' test. A sunset over Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This sequence was taken with a Nikon D700. Exposure was ramped between 1/40 and 2 seconds. The ISO was automatically shifted between 200 ISO and 3200 ISO. Bulb ramping for Nikon shooters has arrived.

Nikon D700 exposure ramping test from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.