ElysiaVisuals is now an official Rhino Camera Gear dealer

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ElysiaVisuals is now an official Rhino Camera Gear dealer. This means that we are able to deliver their very exciting slider that can be perfectly combined with the eMotimo pan and tilt head.

A little about Rhino

We started back in 2010 building poles out of aluminum to get better shots with our GoPro® cameras. A small 14" pole built in Kyle's Seattle based garage has since turned into an internet sensation that feeds the needs of sports enthusiasts and filmmakers around the world. Our brand is evolving quicker than we ever expected. We started with one product and as of now we have 7 and many more that will be released in the coming months. Thank you so much for your support as we continue to deliver tough, unique camera equipment.

Control your Rhino with the RamperPro

We are currently testing our stepper motor add-on for the RamperPro controller. This makes a fully functional motion controller of the RamperPro. That way you have the perfect combination the most advanced camera controller in the world that controls a stepper based Rhino slider!

The Rhino slider and accessories will be available in our online store within a few weeks.