How to fix startup problems

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A small number of RamperPro users experience a situation where the RamperPro doesn't startup properly. We have seen that this is a power related issue in 99.9% of all cases. The SD card inside the RamperPro holds a lot of software and this card can get corrupted when you either disconnect power too soon after a shutdown or when there was a flaw in the supplied power. You can compare this with an improper shutdown of a computer since that can lead to issues on your computer too. Please wait at least 10 to 15 seconds after the screen turns black when you shut down the RamperPro. Then you can safely remove the power supply.

Please bare in mind that only a small number of users has experienced a corrupt SD card and that it is very easy to create a new SD card with all the required software!

Here is how you can create a new SD card by following the next steps:

  • Optional: Make sure to remove and backup all your XMP files from the SD card. You can download them by inserting the SD card into a card reader. (Windows users please read this).
  • There are three different SD card images. One for each revision of the RamperPro.
  • Install the memory card image file by following these steps as described in the manual.
  • Insert the SD card back into your RamperPro and update the firmware to the latest version as is described here.

You now have a brand new SD card and you can continue to use your RamperPro.

Its wise to keep the zipfile with the RamperPro SD card software. That way you can always create a new (backup) card.