How to read the RamperPro SD card on Windows

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You can always read the XMP files from your RamperPro by connecting the device to your home network. But that won't work on all cases. Suppose you want to grab the XMP files when you are on the road. Then the easiest way is to put the RamperPros' SD card into a card reader. That will work fine on your Mac or a Linux laptop; but this doesn't work on Windows. Windows is unable to read from removable media that holds multiple partitions and that is just how the SD card of the RamperPro is setup.

But, luckily, there is a tool that you can install on your Windows laptop that saves the day. The name of this tool is "DiskInternals Linux Reader" and you can download it here:

Please install this utility on your Windows laptop. You are then able to read the SD card of your RamperPro via a card reader.

The tool makes it possible to open the RamperPro SD card And here it shows you the camera1 and camer2 folders with your XMP