What will be included in the next RamperPro firmware

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We are very excited about the next RamperPro firmware that we plan to release in just weeks from now. This is the biggest update yet! What will be included:

  • WiFi dongle support. Just add a cheap WiFi dongle to your RamperPro. This gives the RamperPro the possibility to show the images and all other runtime overview screens on a smart phone, tablet or laptop. Setup the RamperPro and watch the images that it shoots while you are waiting inside for the shoot to complete.
  • No need to learn how the RamperPro works. The new image analysis mode of the RamperPro removes some of the more difficult parameters. You don't need to set these anymore! You can now just set the start exposure and interval and press play. The RamperPro will then do it all for you, automatically and unattended
  • Daisy chain as many RamperPros as you need. Do you want to shoot with 6 cameras at the same time? Now you can. Simply daisy chain several RamperPros via the MoCoBus port.
  • Support for more cameras
  • Many smaller add-ons that we will describe in the final software update announcement.

Here is an example of the totally new ramping algorithm. Only the start exposure was set and the interval. The RamperPro then carefully calculated the ramping curve which also guarded the overall luminance of the images:

Preview of the totally new full auto mode of the RamperPro from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.