We are now an official SCYO dolly distributor - Timelapse equipment from South Africa

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ElysiaVisuals is now an official SCYO - Timelapse SA distributor. Their SCYO (Create Your Own Dolly) is an extremely versatile dolly that can be fitted with DC motors or with stepper motors. You can use the MX2, MX3 or our own RamperPro controller to control this dolly. The RamperPro can be extended with a stepper motor controller from ElysiaVisuals to make it all happen. This gives you an extremely strong dolly combined with the most versatile camera time lapse controller on the market.

This versatile and robust dolly is the first of it's kind in the sense that you can Create Your Own Dolly allowing you to build up your dolly to your personal needs and preference. The SCYO Dolly design was based on the popularity of the Shukuma DOLLY with a few important differences to make this motorised timelapse dolly even more COMPACT, VERSATILE & MOBILE! Therefore the name is fitting as Shukuma Create Your Own.

Because you can add on accessories at any time you wish, you can start out with the basics and kit it out as much as you want, when you want! Having the option to swap or remove certain items makes it ideal for people who already have a controller or would like to choose their own track length etc. You are also able to swap between DC and stepper motors (for example; if you already have an eMotimo). There are a variety of accessories such as legs, extension kits and even limit switches.

Some other features they pointed out was that the dolly is well-made, doesn't have any play and is a good quality, worthy product. To summarise the SCYO Dolly it is important to note that you can choose shorter track lengths which can be joined together smoothly. This makes for really comfortable travelling! Being able to swap out motors and/or controllers makes this an incredibly versatile dolly. You have the option to shoot flat on the ground or make use of the legs which is available as an accessory. This will allow to protect your slider when shooting outdoors and not to damage or scratch the edges. You can also get a "vertical leg connector" in order to shoot vertical moves. And yes, the SCYO Dolly is made in South Africa.