The unique features of the RamperPro

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The RamperPro has a few features that are unique from any other hand held time lapse controller. The RamperPro is the only controller that supports unattended sunrise shoots. Just start the RamperPro and let it do its' work. You don't have to fiddle with settings or exposure settings during your sunrise shoot. No more over exposed sunrise shoots! Another unique feature of the RamperPro is that it supports two cameras. These can even be two cameras from different brands. This makes it possible to shoot sunrises or sunsets with different lenses without the need to carry two time lapse controllers. You can even synchronize the cameras together for 3D/stereoscopic shoots.

Another unique feature that no other hand held controller offers is the RamperPros' ability to analyze the images from your camera(s) during the shoot. This ensures that you don't have under/over exposure.

You don't need to deflicker your time lapse sequence that is shot with the RamperPro since the RamperPro is also the only solution available that creates highly accurate XMP files that hold very precise deflicker information for your images. Just import these XMP files together with your RAW files into your favorite Adobe tool like Bridge, Lightroom or After Affects and your sequence is smooth and without any flicker.

The unique features of the RamperPro in 4 slides