RamperPro testimonial from Giorgio Litt

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Giorgio Litt from http://giorgiolittphotography.com posted a very nice testimonial about the RamperPro on my Facebook page that I really want to share.

When I first bought your device, I'll admit I was nervous. How could it be that someone has really done it: created a device that fully and automatically ramps 22 stops of exposure, and then provides the XMP data to smooth out transitions? But after my first run, I instantly knew that Andre has created a revolutionary device that has changed my photography life forever! I'm so honored to be a part of the Ramper Pro family. To say that it works magically is an understatement: the days of ramping by hand are over. I've tried the other devices: little bramper, time-lapse +, promote control, Camranger, DSLRdashboard. None of these devices even comes close. If you're a time-lapse photographer and you don't have this device, you're missing out. It integrates FULLY with Emotimo TB3, Dynamic Perception stages, Dragon Frame, everything. The lovely cherry on top is that Andre has built this company from the ground up, and his family-run business is done so with care, attention, courtesy, and passion. He continues to maintain the firmware himself, as technology and camera software changes. I don't know what more you can ask of such a revolutionary device. So from the bottom of my heart, Andre, thank-you! Here is my very first Ramper Pro + Emotimo TB3 project. I can't wait to share more!

Urban LA from Soul of Wit on Vimeo.