RamperPro firmware 3068 is available - Pyla Release

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We are happy to announce the Pyla release of the RamperPro firmware. This release is the next evolution of the RamperPro firmware, it extends a lot of RamperPro first features like automatic XMP file creation to create flicker free timelapse movies, automatic brightness control and a super easy way to setup your sunset and sunrise timelapse shoot.

What was added in this new firmware:

  • Smoothing 2.0. This new method to calculate the XMP correction data gives the smoothest, flicker free, results possible. You can even apply this new smoothing 2.0 algorithm on previous shoots!
  • Apply smoothing 2.0 on previous shoots that you made with the RamperPro. Load the runfiles to the "smooth" folder on the RamperPros' MicroSD card. Then you can run the smoothing wizard from the system menu. This will recreate the XMP data for you.
  • USB triggering. You can now trigger the camera by only connecting a USB cable between the RamperPro and your camera. That way there is no need to connect the remote trigger cable and PC sync cable. We do recommend to still use the remote trigger cable when you use the RamperPro for stereo/3D shoots or when you shoot with 3 cameras or more (when you daisy chain multiple RamperPro controllers via the MoCoBus).
  • Confirmation popup when you manually stop a shoot. You cannot accidentally stop a sequence anymore by pressing the stop icon on the touch screen. You now need to confirm that you really want to stop shooting.

We updated the manual to explain how to use smoothing 2.0 on shoots that you made with earlier firmware versions.

Here is an example that shows how super perfect the smoothing 2.0 algorithm works. No need to use any difficult third party deflicker software.

Smoothing 2.0 algorithm applied on a 20 stops sunrise from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.