How to use the Dynamic Perception MX2 motion controller with a Sony camera

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The Dynamic Perception MX2 motion controller is a great controller that controls the motor of you slider and your camera. The MX2 can even control the Merlin 2-axis pan and tilt head that we have available on our site.

Sony camera's are supported by the MX2 motion controller too. We just found out that these camera's don't work out-of-the-box with the MX2. You need to set some settings before your camera can be triggered by the MX2 motion controller.

First you need to set the setting "shutter+focus" to ON via: "settings -> camera -> shutter+focus -> ON". This setting tells the MX2 to both trigger the focus and shutter (trigger) when a picture is taken. This is a setting that you need to set for Nikon camera's as well.

The second thing is that a Sony camera will not trigger with a setting of "Exp Time Ms" and "Focus Ms" lower than 250ms. You can see these values as the time that you press on the shutter button of the camera. It cannot be shorter than 250ms before the camera is triggered.

Remember that you still can set your camera on manual, shutter priority of aperture priority when you use these settings. Don't set your camera in Bulb mode when you want to use fast shutter speeds. Set a manual shutter speed when a fast speed is required. The "Exp Time MS" setting is just the time that is used by the MX2 to trigger the camera. The camera will then use the fast shutter speed that is manually set on the camera.