Free RamperPro aware Lightroom plug-in for timelapse photographers

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We are very happy to present a new, free, fantastic Lightroom plug in-from Jeffrey Friedl. This native Adobe Lightroom plug-in can be used to bulk process time lapse sequences. The plug-in is RamperPro XMP file aware so you can do all required post processing and still enjoy the flicker free output of the RamperPro.

We have been using the Lightroom plug-in for a while now and it has became an extremely fast way to grade the white balance, exposure, vibrance etc. of the RamperPro shot images. You can made fades or offset the exposure of all images.

This free plug-in will cover most of what you need to process the ETTR output of the RamperPro. The RamperPro is an expose to the right controller. This means that the histogram of the images is kept as bright as possible, without over exposing. The reason for this is that this gives the best situation for easy post processing. This new Lightroom plug-in is all you need to easily post-process your RamperPro images within seconds. The big advantage of this plug-in is that you immediately see the output in Lightroom. Just set grade the white balance and the results are shown.

Note: Yes, this plug-in is RamperPro aware; but it can be used by all timelapse photographers!

You can download your copy here: