ElysiaVisuals timelapse controller test - D800 exposure ramping over 10 stops

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We are almost ready to release our time lapse controller. The hardware is getting stable and all planned features have been implemented in the first version of the firmware. We plan to accept orders for the first units in October. The first version of the firmware will mainly support the Nikon D700, D800, D3 and D4. But other models can be added in only a few days. Keep your eye on our blog because we will post more test results and images of the actual hardware that we have developed.

This video shows how well a Nikon D800 performs with the controller. The exposure was ramped from 1/20th of a second to 2.5 seconds. The ISO was shifted from ISO 100 to ISO 1600. The controller sets all the required settings on the camera via USB. No post deflickering was used.

The images have been loaded into Light Room together with the XMP files that are created by the time lapse controller. No additional corrections have been made; the images were exported directly by Light Room. The images for the sequence are stitched together with Adobe After effects.





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