ElysiaVisuals has joined hands with TetherTools

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You can now get your RamperPro advanced timelapse controller together with a TetherPro USB cable from TetherTools. These high quality cables are the perfect way to connect the USB port of your camera with the RamperPro. We have selected the TetherPro cables because they are long enough while keeping a very reliable USB connection with the RamperPro.

TetherPro® High-Visibility Orange Cables help ensure cables can be easily seen throughout the studio or on-location shoots. In addition to the photographer, there are frequently multiple people (models, makeup artists, stylists, clients and assistants) all coming together on the set. The High-Visibility Orange cables are designed to help you, and others, notice the connection and not step on or trip over the cable, preventing equipment damage or personal injury. Additionally, when looking for the correct cable to use, the bright orange makes it easy to quickly spot when in a bag or drawer with other cables.

All TetherPro Cables are manufactured to the highest industry specifications.