Dynamic Perception Stage One 21" Fixed-Span Extension Set announced

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Stage One Fixed-Span Extension Sets make it easier to go long with the Stage One, and can help with rigging requirements for mid-spans that don't move.

Stage One users probably know that the mid spans can shift a bit. This is fixed with this new Stage ONe 21" FIxed-Span Extension Set. The set holds a "mid span" that is fixed by the extension tubes. These new tubes have a longer threaded part to accomplish this.

Extension Sets are the core of the Stage One system. Unlike the standard extension sets, the Fixed-Span extension set comes with a mid-span that is specially designed to fix both sides of the track together. This prevents outward-bowing of the rails on long runs and provides a fixed structural mounting point which can help with certain vertical setups.

The specialized fixed-span slides over extended aluminum couplers to tie both sides together rigidly and the span cannot be re-positioned.

Each set includes two threaded detachable rails using precisely machined tubes and extended inserts to ensure excellent seamless alignment, along with one fixed mid-span support. Extension sets require a Stage One Hardware Set which includes the cart and end brackets to be fully functional.
Each extension set adds 21 inches of total length to your slider. The mid-span support keeps your cart on the rails and provides an attachment point for standard supports, including tripods with 1/4-20, 3/8-16, or light stand heads.