Time lapse photography

Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly versus the Stage One Slider

Everyone can create time lapse movies. It's not that hard. There are even apps available that turn a smart phone into a time lapse camera. You see time lapse movies in almost every documentary. But most movies are taken with a static camera. The camera is not moving when the time lapse movie was shot. This is where motion control comes in. You can use motorized equipment that moves your camera automatically during the creation of a time lapse movie.

Announcing the Apertus Open-Source Cinema Project

Dynamic Perception and the Apertus Project have teamed up to produce the first fully integrated camera and motion control system. Together we will expand the capabilities and tools available to filmmakers everywhere, while pushing the envelope in creativity and openness through open-source electronics and hardware.

Dynamic Perception Stage One slider announced

Dynamic Perception has announced their long awaited "Stage One Dolly" system today. Dynamic Perception's mission is to provide low-cost and easy-to-use photographic motion-control systems. Our focus is to enable creativity and experimentation through open and unencumbered hardware, firmware, and software. Founded by the creators of the OpenMoCo open-source motion-control system we are striving to provide flexible and expandable kits for solving any motion-control need.

Introduction to time lapse photography

Most people that I know should be thinking. What is he doing with time lapse photography? I am well known as un under water photographer as you can see on my personal website. My craziness for time lapse photography started two years ago. I was giving a lecture about cold water diving at an international photography festival. I happened that  Neil Lucas a producer from the BBC was at this festival as well. He showed the amazing time lapse movies that were made for the famous Life Series from the BBC. That was the moment. I knew I wanted to do this myself.